Is Memphis right now better than us?

Got by ole miss but didnt see the game. Are they legit or is it still hype.

No one in the conference looks great

We are probably better than a wiseman-less Memphis

Memphis has a player that is a volume shooter but actually does it at a low percentage, is very streaky shooter (Tyler Harris) he went off vs ole Miss

Memphis barely beat UALR (who was without 2 starters) 3 days ago

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I think the best teams in the conference so far have been Memphis, UConn and Temple.

Memphis is in the same boat as us with youth but have been solid. They make a lot mistakes but the talent is real.

UConn had Xavier beat but a couple deep 3s from Xavier cost them.

Temple beat USC @ USC but they have some big games coming up. They had what we last year, older guards.

Also Tulane looks much improved as well with Hunter.

When I watched UCONN about a week ago, they were getting smacked at home vs 2-4 St. Joesph’s team. We are going to be fine, our two losses are probably more legit than anyone in the American. Our loss to Oregon was on the road compared to Memphis win athome. We are a work in progress. The game vs S. CAROLINA might be a chance to get a good road win! They are 3-1 all at home vs. weak opponents with their only loss to a 3-2 Boston U.

To answer your question.



Yes. I think Memphis is better than us. But…we have a better coach.

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Well you can throw all that speculating out the window because we will know after conference play starts. Comparing both right now is silly because you have to expect both young teams to improve as the season progresses…just sit back and enjoy…


Exactly, Butch. Who cares in November. There hasn’t been one of Kelvin’s teams that wasn’t much better in February.


Amen Butch.

I am patient and willing to let things play out. We have a stretch coming up that we can grow as a team and development. Hopefully we can get on a roll be traveling to Hawaii.

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I don’t know why it’s silly. It’s just a question. And speculation and comparisons are part of the fabric of sports message boards.

What everybody has said makes sense, but I like talking about our team. I just hope we get on a roll between now & the start of conference. Our effort is there, but sometimes they have looked a little lost on defense! I think the offense has got to get more consistent on how it attacks the basket. I think good things happen when Jarreau drives. Lots of talent that is still figuring everything out!


Jarreau needs to get back up to speed since his 5 week layoff (which may take a couple of weeks). Right now he is a liability.

I don’t care who’s better right now. All that matters is who’s better February 22 and March 8.


Yes, Memphis is better now.

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