Is Renu awake?

Did she watch the game? Did she see the crowd? Has she seen how Dana has made UH a joke?


She was there alright. I was yelling around the box office giving away my tickets since Dana caused mine not to get sold on Stubhub. She just passed by and took pictures at the alumni tailgate then walked on in to the AC Cooled room.

Had she and I had a conversation I probably would have talked more about moving Computer Science to Engineering but probably mentioned how UH looks bad because of Dana too. Like not because of bad football, but because of Dana


I would have asked her if they’re taking my cougar pride points away for buying tickets on Groupon. That said, Pez’s extension is the poison pill that makes it all a moot point. There’s a chance that Pez’ entire tenure is defined by that one, single decision. Complete, premature miscalculation by a guy that’s supposed to be the smartest person on campus.

We fire people fpr 8-4



She is not in controlled it’s Tillman who calls the shots at UH

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I’d say she’s had a very rough night sleeping. She takes such pride and joy in UH, no way she can be ok with is going on with Joe Dirts antics

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Put some respect on the Presidents name.