Is signs stealing scouting or cheating?

Can someone explain to me why signs stealing is wrong?
IMO this is scouting. I see it the same way in baseball.
Can someone objectively say that a program or baseball team did not study opposing signs? It is perfectly legal in the NFL I believe.

I read something that it can’t from live games? - it sounds like Michigan was going to the games and recording the sidelines which is an illegal use of technology?

But that didn’t make much sense to me because it’s not much different than just using film in film sessions. But I’m not super clear on it all - just seems kind of grey to me but I don’t know the rule book.

But also sounds like Stallions ended up on the sideline of Central Michigan when he wasn’t supposed to be there?

Edit: notice all my question marks, I am in no way an expert of the CFB rule book.

Same here. The fundamental question is:
How is it different from scouting?
Scouting is about studying the players, schemes, coaches decisions and so forth. This makes no sense to me.
I will add that in soccer head coaches cover their mouths while talking to their players. Lips readers, yes lips readers were able to decipher what was said.

They created the rule in a time when MAC and WAC schools couldn’t afford to send scouts so they just said nobody can. Just like in high school coaches send each other tape as professional courtesy, and of course they can now watch on tv. But there’s a sense that the camera doesn’t always point where you want and tv doesn’t capture the rhythm of plays.

Unlike baseball, where the league provided all teams with technology and then acted surprised when they used it, this is much more like impermissible benefits in recruiting.

Thank you for that and I do remember it now with coached sending each other tapes. This might still be valid for lesser leagues but we all know that the Power conferences schools have plenty of scouts. This is the ncaa reminding us how hypocritical they are.

I believe the NFL has ear plugs in the helmets of the QBs and the captain on the defense. Coaches will send in plays and it’s received in the helmet.