Is the BIG10 synonymous with student athletes sexual abuse?

The questions has to be asked and why all of these abject cover ups were permitted?
Look at the schools that have been uncovered.
Penn State
Michigan State
Ohio State

Statute of limitations for criminal rape cases in Ohio is 20 years…
It seems like these abject sexual abuses for each University has been/had been going on for decades.
This is unreal that one Power conference could have so many sexual abusers located in their most “revered” sports programs.

These are all big 10 schools…

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Should you rename the title to BIG 10 vs BIG12? A bit misleading relative the point you are making. Some of these coverups are very disturbing. Sandusky at Penn State and the Dr at Michigan State.

Thank you for pointing it out.

It is a lot, and I also have no doubts that this is more widespread than just the B1G. We as a society handle sexual abuse poorly (massive understatement). Especially in regards to powerful trusted people inside powerful institutions.

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It’s part of why both USC and UCLA have been a mess. Years of student sexual abuse covered up. UCLA’s situation is so bad there are tv commercials here in LA for numbers to call if you were a victim.


No school is lily white

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I guess maybe Baylor DOES belong in the B10.

But the NCAA came down hard on Penn State. Remember they said that Penn State was going to wish they had gotten the death penalty. Yeah right.


The NCAA did come down very hard on Penn State, then the courts got involved and let Penn State off.

It was a sham. The ncaa has a legal department the size of Texas. They knew very well what they were doing. It was a show. Pretending to all that they cared. Don’t believe me? They took the same legal approach with Michigan State, Michigan and Ohio State. The ncaa does the exact opposite than a what they are supposed to do.


Sandusky @ Pedo State was the most poorly handled serial abuse case I
have ever seen where an institution of higher learning was involved.

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As I have said the NCAAIs a paper tiger.

Yes they have a legal dept. Other than self sanctions by a volunteer governing department, I am not afraid of the NCAA police coming to get me for not going to class or telling some female she is hot.

The NCAA that everyone knew was ran by a bunch of old white dudes.

The game has changed. Players can move schools and get paid.

The days of being afraid of the NCAA are gone.

It’s gonna be a fun to watch

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