Is the Big12 the best conference so far? (23 teams undefeated)

According to my calculations, there are still 60 undefeated teams left as of Nov 20. The Big12 has the most undefeated teams at 10, followed by ACC with 8. Going to be a fun year at the Fertitta Center!!


The league has a win% around 90 which is tops in the country. It has the #1 ranked team in Kansas and three other T-15 teams. So yes. Top to bottom #1 league in the country. ACC and SEC look tough as well. Then I think there’s a bit of a drop off between them and the other 3 P6 leagues.

BIG Time !

The possible B12 bottom feeders look much better than expected so far.
(cept Okie Satate)

23 teams still undefeated. Of those, 6 is in the BigXII