Is the legend of K and W a coincidence?

Every record setting quarterback in the last 30 or so years had a last name that started with a K or W. Is this a coincidence or some kind of football magic thing?

Ware, Klingler, Kolb, Keenum, Ward, King.

Our current qb commit is Kopp and Kopp starts with a K.

I did some research and it seems that no other school has something like this. I clearly have too much time on my hands


Maddox Kopp is SPECIAL. Can’t wait until he makes it to campus. Will definitely push Tune & Massoud for playing time.


Personally, I’m a real Klayton fan! It’s his team and he could set a bunch of records.


I heard Clayton Kershaw is quite the pitcher for the Dodgers.

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What about the freshman, Kofian Massoud?


Records are nice but wins are more important.


Maybe it is by the order: A. Ware, D. Klingler, G. Ward, Kev.Kolb, D. King!!

Nice fun fact but likely a coincidence.

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We should just start calling our QBs Kwarter Backs.


It is a coincidence.

Only one QB in the history of UH FB has won/tied for two conference championships. This QB led UH to a 10-2 record and its highest season ending record ever. #4 in the nation. He was the starting QB in two Cotton Bowls and lost the second in a controversial TD by Notre Dame.

His name was Danny Davis.

If Tune can win out and get UH into a P5 bowl game and win it. Then get UH into another P5 bowl the following year. He will do what Danny Davis did, except Davis did not play the season between his bowl game due to injury. Oh, and during that 1976 SWC championship season, UH lost to Florida 49-14. Some of us fans wondered if it was going to be another repeat of the 2-8 1975 team.

I would prefer having another Danny Davis type QB and his career at UH with the above results, than another K or W QB type season. Back to back AAC championships and P5 Bowl appearances would be special.


Yeah, this legend ignores the fact that the Coogs have a strong winning history prior to the late 80’s

Another fun fact…we haven’t had the same quarterback start every game in a season since Keenum.

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What is Danny doing now? He anticipated modern quarterbacks by 40 years.

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