Is this board football only?

Will all recruiting threads for all sports be moved here?

Because TBH, I would rather all these threads be on the football board.


No! You can discuss kick ball if you would like

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Kickball will be great this season, just watch!

this split - moving football recruiting to a separate thread - will cause me to start coming to much less … it was working great the way it was - disappointing change.

And high school wrestling

Agreed. I do not like this change of having a shared category. When I want to read about football recruiting, i want to find such a thread or threads in the football category. Basketball recruiting…same thing.

With this change, i can already tell that I’ll be asking myself often…“is this fb or bb?” And then be forced to open non-explicit thread titles and reading through several threads before i can detect “oh, this poster isn’t talking about a point gaurd, but instead talking about a cornerback”.

So, I don’t like it and wish the previous categories would be expected to naturally distinguish the sport. That seems way better (to me) as opposed to making me guess or look around spending extra time to determine if I’m interested.

Just my opinion. Seemed BETTER before this new combo recruiting category was created.