Is Tulsa now suffering from

Distractionitis and will smu join the group now that Morris is a candidate for the Waco gig

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If Herman does jump then UH should pull out every stop to bring in Philip Montgomery. He will be the next Art Briles. The fans will be expecting 60 points a game and everyone will be yelling, “First down”. He will put fans in the stands and can recruit Houston.

Forget the conference tie in with Tulsa. This is a war we didn’t start. Montgomery brings that much to the table. Not trying to be ugly, but it’s late and if I have to explain more than this you don’t know football.

Do you mean Montgomery?

Absolutely. Was trying to change it when to posted. Good catch.

It’s an interesting suggestion, and something I’ve never thought about before. I wonder how a UH vs. Tulsa bidding war would go.

No contest. A few hard feelings but if we can learn to live with it so can they.

My number one choice would be Montgomery. He would bring an exciting offense back to U of H and with the new stadium and facilities I think he would do a hell of a job recruiting. Just look at what he’s done at Tulsa on a small recruiting budget, outdated facilities, and a crappy stadium.