Is winning the conference tournament worth it?

Went back and checked how many teams that played in their respective conference tournament championship games made the S16 and E8. I went back 5 years so 2015-2019.

Sweet 16

  • 80 teams total in 5 years

  • 37 out of 80 either won or played in the conference championship (46%)

  • 43 out of 80 did not make it to the championship game (53%)

Elite 8

  • 40 teams total

  • 22 out of 40 either won or played in the conference championship (55%)

  • 18 out of 40 did not make it to the championship game (45%)

My expert opinion… This whole thing is a crapshoot


When we play I want to win. But I don’t think it’s a big deal either way as long as we win a few in the big dance.

Our championship game is too late in the day for that outcome to make a difference in seeding. If we’re playing Tulsa or UCONN in the championship game, it wouldn’t be the end of the world for us to lose. Get us another AAC brethren into the field. More money for us.


Posted in another thread was the AAC bracket which has Tulsa in our we will not be playing them in the championship game.

Conf tourneys are tough…late conf tourneys are horrible


You are right. I forgot that they are the 3 seed.

Agree with you on late conference tournaments. Mountain West finished up Sunday and Western is over tonight. Plenty of time to rest up for round 1 on March 19. If we play in our championship game we will only have 3 days of rest.


And 1 or 2 less days of practice and walk throughs.

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Naw. I’m good with UCONN not making it. Send those guys packing with a loss and trip to the NIT rather than winning our conference tourney. I definitely don’t consider them to be our conference brethren anymore.


The money will still come to Houston for them being in the tourney. I’m all for it.


Where is the line drawn between rested vs rusty? Might have 4 days rest if UH first round is on Friday.

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Does anyone know why AAC did not start round 1 this Wednesday with championship played Saturday?


The answer is, as always, because ESPN says to.


4 days > 10+

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You only have so many hrs n ESPN family channels) Networks to fit all the games in.

It would be nice to win it since thats one thing we have never done.


I remember we complained about the C-USA Championship game airing on Saturday morning for CBS before the big boys played their semi-final games. Oh the disrespect…

Maybe C-USA commissioner was a trailblazer. Nah…


With this young team, I think we can use all of the crunch time reps we can get. The AAC Tournament will provide many.

It might not pay dividends in the NCAA Tournament this year but we are building a Final Four caliber roster so have to get better when the pressure is on.


I love having Saturday semi-finals that’s big time. The Memphis semi last year in their house was a knock down drag out war. Not surprised we lost the next day to a good team we had beaten twice already.
We did fine last year in both tournaments. It’s all about matchups.

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