Isn't this exciting!

Well, here we are all sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear the opinion of a committee composed of nine people accountable to no one in a secret ballot deciding who is deemed worthy to play in a championship invitational, sorry “playoff” and all the press, hype, honor and cold hard gazillions that go with it.

They will spend a half hour (or is it an hour?) to list the four lucky, sorry “deserving” institutions of higher learning, giving lots of opportunities to sell ads and giving pundits an opportunity to give opinions on those opinions and to sell more ads and to give radio shows opportunities to give opinions about the opinions of those opinions and to sell more ads and giving the thousands websites such as this one click bait, more opinions and more ads because we just can’t get enough opinions and ads in this country.

We should make all important decisions like that. Oh, wait!

America, baby! No place like it.

Go Coogs! Lbwhoeverinwhateverbowl we deserve it.


College football has a great regular season and a crap post season. If you don’t win your conference you shouldn’t be in the playoffs. I’d be more for USC being in than Alabama.

College sports doesn’t make much sense anymore. UNC admits to making up classes, no punishment. Penn St. covered up child rape, just lose some scholarships, and the disaster at Baylor.

Coaches make millions and job hop, but there’s for sure not enough money to give larger stipends to players as they should be thankful for the free education. Don’t transfer either or you’ll have to sit out a year.


Every other division of college football has a real playoff, the only reason Div 1 doesn’t is so that they can minimize the damage to TV ratings. If god forbid Vanderbilt were playing Northwestern one year it would be great for fans of college football but they’d view it as a ratings disaster. It should be conference champions and at large bids. A committee should only determine the at large bids and seeding.

This system is exactly why nobody cares about conference championship games

It’s either college football playoff or bust

For G5 teams, it’s NY6 or bust. Nobody cares about conference championships games, only the results that it brings

Our goal every season for UH is an NY6 bowl. Soon as we join a P5, everyone is going to expect playoffs or bust

Real lack of leadership on these issues.

If you win every game on your schedule you should be in the playoff.

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Watching FCS…and it’s fun to watch. SHSU doing well again.
Their playoff makes the division worth watching.

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Not that it has dramatically different results than a top-4 playoff generally would, though.