It Could Be Worse. We Could Be

Ga. Tech…lost to Clemson 73- 7

Tennessee… demolished at home by Kentucky

Syracuse…lost at home to Liberty

Miss. St…being demolished at home by A$M

Longhorns…Herman’s Hermits, completely come apart

Rice…no explanation needed


Georgia Tech had Dabo put Clemson’s punter at qb and he was still moving the ball on them. That’s pretty embarrassing

I mean we lost by 17 after having the lead for 3 quarters and being the better team in the field. Coaching & discipline fail us.

Alabama is losing

BYU went on a 29-0 run. :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage:

Houston > Miss St.

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But what would the score be if UH played Clemson?

But that was early, Bama won 41-24.