It is not that we lost

I am used to that as a Coog fan for 24 years. It is how we lost.

We played musical qb’s in the first half for no reason, because Tune was able to play the entire second half.

We played the head coach’s son who is in no way ready to play qb at our school.

We see a glimpse of hope with Smith and then he does not throw again.

We waste away a huge chunk of time in the first half and just don’t use our time outs when we were on a roll.

We block a field goal and then have no plan as to what to do with the ball.

I cannot blame the refs when we make such weird mistakes and decisions as a coaching staff.

I never saw a time when I was blown away by the talent of Cincinnati or their dynamic play calling. We had the ability to win this but we kept tripping over our own damn feet.

Stuard dropping back to cover their number 1 receiver?

Just frustrating.


… Sadly, true

I think Dana is just playing everyone just to see who is going stick for next year… That committee QB thing was a joke. Could never get a QB in a groove. Not the best way to win a game.


Tilman will reimburse him for the fine lol

Isn’t that supposed to happen in the spring?

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Disappointing but predictable given the circumstances. It wasn’t going to be our year. But I stand by my previous comments that we’re capable of competing with these teams. We just need some breaks and three or four good drives in a row.

We’re not a bad team…but we are a developing team.


Why not put smith back out there after throwing a perfect ball ? Ward like ? SMH.:man_facepalming:


The clock management at the end of the first half was my biggest issue (and also the atrocious late hit call).

There’s no excuse for that.


Yup. Two timeouts left with under 20 seconds on the clock and to have a delay of game penalty is inexcusable on so many levels. You would think with all the extra coaches and raises we gave to his staff, this should not be an issue.


The 3 runs up the middle was very Applewhiteish

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This was very frustrating. We know we have some limitations in talent and will have mistakes in coverages but this is not Dana’s first HC job. And he is the OC too. He needs to do better than that.


This season is being treated like Spring practice. It doesn’t even feel like football season when watching the Coogs.