It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

West Virginia alum… not here to bash but to commiserate. “Welcome to the Big 12”, “that’s how it is inthe Big 12”, “I told the team (fill in the blank with awful FCS/Group of 5 team) was LOADED. Guess now they’ll believe me”, “This game went exactly as I thought it would”, “tough to recruit (here) against (anywhere else) etc etc.

Holgs is full of crap and we know it, you know it, and he knows it. But he keeps shoveling it for a paycheck.

Years of the team being completely unprepared, poor game plan, poor in-game decisions, poor player relationships, alienating HS coaches, alienating alumni, on and on and on.

You know you wouldn’t buy a used car from this huckster, but you’ve given him the keys to your whole program. We’re still trying to recover. The best to y’all as you put this clown in the rear view mirror.


It’s like when Wyoming fans came on our message board and thanked us for hiring Dana Dimel. WVU fans came here and were telling us we made a mistake, thanked us for hiring Dana Holgorsen.

Déjà vu in more ways than one. Maybe it’s Dana vu