Its Game Day Boys! (L 6-3)

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Iowa and Houston have three common opponents – Illinois, Alabama State and South Florida. Houston beat Illinois 11-5 at the beginning of the season, while Iowa took two-of-three from the Illini to end the regular season. Houston also swept Alabama State in a three-game series, outscoring them 33-14, but the Hawkeyes split a pair. Both teams lost 2-of-3 to South Florida, though.

BTW I think we have to play a almost perfect game to win this one. Iowa is no slouch…

It’ll be interesting to see who pitches. My bet is on Ullom as he’s a groundball pitcher and can hopefully keep Adams and the rest of the Hawkeyes in the ballpark and it allows us to save Cumbie for tomorrow in (hopefully) the driver’s seat game or an elimination game.

Finally healthy and made it to a game. Go Coogs!


Cumbie just didn’t have it tonight. Hopefully, Pulido can get out of this.

He didn’t but we are still in a position to win with the bats

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Good crowd; better than the early game.

Too many mistakes

That was awful!

God help us if that ends up being the difference in the game.

Anybody see a replay?

I think it’s amazing they were allowed a first base replay and we were not.

Dammit. Missed chances.

It wasn’t a replay, it was an appeal.

Replay wasn’t clear. He was inside the line on the bag. If he touched it, he just barely did. You would assume the umpire had a better view and he was right there, but after that phantom tag out call earlier, who knows.

Hawks have some good bats. Despite the suspect calls coming from the first base ump, the Coogs haven’t been able to get out of a jam.

Need to get out of the 8th right now and start getting around on some hits.