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If you research that jet number, it flew from Houston to Provo last night, then from Provo to Austin this morning . . .

Meaning what? A very awkward AAC media days?

Where’s the trip from Austin to Sugarland?

Yeah, it’s weird how that one is missing.

Oh well, we know it didn’t just teleport from Austin to Sugar Land, so I guess it’s just a glitch in the system. It is indeed an interesting couple of places to be this weekend. Here’s to hoping it isn’t just a coincidence.

Hmmm…did we pickup someone in Provo to bring back to Austin?

Here’s N207RT’s flight history for the past several days.

You’re allowed to fly VFR without a flight plan. Not especially uncommon for a short afternoon hop with daylight and good weather.

That app probably relies on scanning the flight plan system, so not having one would keep that flight off the list.

interesting. There are 2 Sugar Land to Austin to Provo to Sugar Land trips listed in the last week.

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… not if ESPN and FOX have their way…

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