It's kind of a relief

to wake up on a Sunday morning and know who the starting QB is for our next game. It’s good to know that Postma will be getting the majority of reps for the second week in a row and that King will be getting more reps at WR. With those two variables in place for another week, the variety of plays involving those two on the field at the same time starts to add up. Did anyone notice the similarity between the King TD pass this week and the King TD run last week? They were both reverse just going the opposite direction and in one, Postma throws a key block down field and in another King pulls up and passes to a wide open Postma downfield. This in itself can become a reverse read option and be done several times a game. Even though Postma has handed off the ball, he just needs to see if one or two defenders are in front of him. If it’s one defender, Postma throws a block. If there is two defenders, Postma runs past them. Then King gets to read how the two defenders react. If both defenders come at him, Postma is once again wide open. If one defender covers Postma then King gets to decide if there is a better chance of him beating the pass coverage or him beating the one defender coming at him. If defenses prepare for this and have more people contain, then it leaves the sweep wide open and the play can be called to fake the reverse. First thing is first though. They gotta work with Postma on pump faking the safety off or over throwing the receiver on purpose if he sees the safety reading him.


Paragraph much?

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