It's the players fault

Just read this on the preview for USF game.
Quoting CMA:
“We’ve looked at halftime in terms of adjustments: Are we putting too much on them? Are we not making enough adjustments?” Houston coach Major Applewhite said. “It’s been execution, and doing exactly what you’re supposed to do.”

Although there were certainly missed assignments, I question the wisdom of busting your players chops in public. Coaches have to execute as well as players.


Wow. I’m sure some of it is execution but for d@mn sure a lot of it is coaching on both sides of the ball.


Agree coaching is an issue, but not 100%. Just wondering what some of you think how it would be if our coaching staff had the current USF team players and the USF coaching staff had our team players? Would CMA and staff be 7-0 and Charlie and staff 4-3?

I’ve been saying this before the meltdown began about our offense being “too boring”, or our players need to “jump around on the sidelines” so we can win games. Coaching plays a big part; like being too conservative in the second half, or our DC having our corners play 10 yards off of the ball. However, before we snap the ball, players need to be ready to push, pull, tackle, catch, block-until the whistle sounds. I don’t know what players are doing in practice. Maybe the coaches are coaching them up regarding technique, but I’ve seen numerous players play with bad form, improper pad level, filling the wrong gaps or O linemen taking plays off. We give coaches way too much credit regarding the outcome of football games. Look at lying Tom at UT-Austin; Lying Tom has all of his X’s and O’s in order but they can’t win games. Why? Because of culture. Culture isn’t a coach, culture is the locker room. Culture is what the team does as a whole on each play. I challenge the people who keep trying to make the “boring offense” and “energetic sideline” arguments to watch one particular position. Look at one single player (not the play) and ask yourself, is he doing what it takes(individually) to be successful at this position? CMA shouldn’t have said that publicly, but he’s not too far off from the truth. We need to individually execute better.


Only thing I disagree with is that I think he was fine saying what he did. He didn’t crassly call them out. He answered a question and said they aren’t lining up right and executing in the situation that was asked about. I think that is fair. Plus being politely put on notice in public can inspire better effort.

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Ding ding ding!!! We have a winner. There are 22 variables on the field that determine the outcome of each play…the players. Of course coaching counts…but the better players you have the less you have to coach. Talent beats coaching.
I read many posts where people say…“the CB didn’t turn for the ball…that’s coaching”. Every team in America teaches the same techniques for tackling , pass defending etc. It comes down to what the players do when the lights are on. Practice drills such as form tackling and open field game tackling are different things.

I agree, it’s just one of those things that can rear it’s head if certain players don’t respond well to it. But then again, he’s not saying anything that can’t be said in practice. Ultimately, I think they’ll be fine with it.

Stop it sir, you’re using sound logic! That’s not allowed on these boards! lol

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Soft football team. That’s on Applewhite, strength and conditioning and the rest of your staff. Applewhite spent too much time working for Mack Brown, whose teams were notoriously soft the last five years.


Elaborate please. Be specific.

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I’ll take a crack at it.

One is constantly losing the second half for the first time in forever we constantly lose the second half of football games it’s either poor adjustments, conservative plays, or we are wearing out. Could be a combination of all three.

Two is the lack of completing dagger plays. Specifically, in the previous two years we were really good at someone making the turning point plays. Getting the timely turnover, making the catch for the first down, etc. There he’s been none of that. Is that on the players? I’d say like 70 percent the other 30 is the attitude and that comes from the coaching staff setting the tone.

Third are the penalties. Lots and lots of mental penalties, unsportsmanlike calls especially. Well disciplined teams don’t do that. Mentally soft, undisciplined teams have those at the clip we are going.


Until Memphis our Offense had real trouble in the second half of games. That isn’t an execution problem, not when it’s game after game. That’s coaching.

Maybe the OC, and CMA, finally figured it out since we did score 21 2nd half points and woulda, coulda, shoulda had more if not for the turnovers.

Missed open field tackles, filling the wrong gap, blocking the wrong guy, yes, player execution. bad execution can be corrected with proper coaching.


Again, what can a coach do about players folding during the game? Call a timeout, and then yell at them? Give them a David vs Goliath speech? Bench every player that has their ups and downs with these types of issues only to replace them with a worse player? There’s a lot of moving parts. I think this team has to learn and grow from adversity. That’s poor coaching, execution and recognizing the players who are not going to go 100% the entire game. Notice I used to word team, because like CMA, the majority of our starters will be back.

What specifically does coaching have to do with second half collapses(this is assuming that we have had 100% good execution across the board)? The team we saw against Memphis was night and day compared to the previous weeks. The team fought hard (even with some poor execution) but schematically, the DC gave the game away by playing extremely conservative versus the wrong QB. lol I would not be surprised if we beat the snot out of USF based on that sample size alone.

I hate using our last coach as an example, but he did make a point when it came to execution during games: games are won and lost in the spring/summer.

There isn’t much that can be done now in regards to execution; you have limited reps to try and get ready for the next opponent and you can only do so much. Problem was during the spring/summer when guys weren’t being pushed hard enough or the right things weren’t being worked on or guys weren’t giving their all.

Hope is that CMA realizes this and adapts during this next offseason.


I agree, this is crucial.

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Yes, it’s on the coaching.

its one thing to throw players under the bus, but I’m not seeing that here. Seems like Applewhite is saying people need to do their jobs, which I’m pretty sure is his job.


College football is 80 percent coaching.


Please post link to study that was done to come up with this percentage.


It is an opinion.

What percentage do you give it ??

When you are coming up with your opinion, keep Nick Saban in mind.