J’Wan Roberts OUT?

Did I hear coach say that Roberts is out for the season?

Duarte hasn’t said that

I’ve seen nothing on that. He was walking after the game so that seems highly unlikely.

I added a question mark to your title.


lol no

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He probably could have stayed in the game.


Haven’t heard that anywhere.


Coach is post game said “it’s going to be tough without J’wan.

Am I hearing things?

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CKS was taking about the guys from last year that we don’t have and how our defense is affected by having different players. Then he said:

“I’ve got brand new guys. And then today in the second half I lost J’wan and Terrance.”

It’s worded weirdly but then he said he didn’t know the status of the injury after being asked about it after that statement.

Interesting that he noted Javier was thought to be a second semester guy going into this season. CKS didn’t think he’d be ready until January which also factored in to the easy non con.

Did you listen to the rest of the presser? Someone specifically asked him how bad it was soon after and he said he hadn’t checked.

J’Wan was walking after the game. He’s definitely not done for the year.

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I think during the handshake line someone from UCF asked J’wan if he was okay and you could read his lips say im alright :+1:


I did listen, that’s why I’m asking bc I thought I heard him say it’s going to be a tough road ahead without J’wan.

Maybe a chance he misses game on Tuesday.
His comment in the presser was he didn’t know and had spoken to him yet.

Here’s hoping that it’s not season ending.

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Beginning to look like the Mark and Sasser out year.


It’s not. That’s not what Kelvin said.

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He did word the statement you’re referencing strangely but he came back afterwards and said he didn’t know how bad it was. He said he hadn’t checked. He wouldn’t say that if he thought he was out for the season.

And again, J’Wan was walking after the game.

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Ramon looked better today; we will need him to pick up the slack if J’Wan is out for any length of time. I was impressed with his D today.


Walker, Javier, and Wilson played good. We need Dunn to come along but it seems like Sampson is really disappointed in his lack of development.


If coach isn’t, I sure am.

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With Roberts injured and TA done for the season, Ramon Walker’s time is now.