J’Wan Roberts


Finishes as a Rivals 150 for 2019.


That’s awesome. I think on Sampson’s radio interview he also said that Roberts is 6’8", so he might have grown a bit. He’s going to be a solid workhorse for us.

#141, since Duarte left that out.

Can’t wait to see the freshmen and the transfer Gorham play.

Still wonder if he might RS being that all 3 PFs will be returning after next season.

Based on the little I’ve seen in his clips, it doesn’t look like Roberts can space the floor right now so he’d be more competing with Gresham and Harris for minutes (other than potential line-ups with 2 of White/Alley/Gorham as our two bigs).

Still that leaves 3 PFs this season and 2 centers.

For next season that leaves us with 3 other PFs and 1 center with the possiblity of White still playing low and probably one more addition in the middle.

J’Wan Roberts and Tyreek Smith seem like pretty similar players, and both seem to be in the Brison Gresham mold. I’m guessing if Smith were to come here, they would both compete for minutes at the 5?

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Every time I hear Roberts name I remember what CKS said how he dominated a big time all star tournament based on his rim protection!

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Sure. I think there’s a possibility of a redshirt. But he also may be able to come in next year and give better minutes than one or both of Harris and Gresham (and of course one of those guys could get hurt). And obviously there are minutes up for grabs in two years.

I expect Gresham and Harris to be improved and for us to play some smaller lineups with Gorham or White at center. But if he can come in and help or coach feels getting some early experience will help then I am all for it.

@LincsmilyUH with the signing date deadline coming to an end in May 15, is Tyreek Smith going to sign with UH !?

He is visiting Texas Tech this weekend.


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Ohhh… Thanks. Hopefully, this time we come out on top.

Been pretty quiet on how his visit went… So I’m not sure where things stand with him.

We were his first visit, so that helps. Having him commit to UH, CKS and staff would put their full press on LJ Cryer.

It is not all about Smith. If he signs that is good because he is a good talent but we have a few more irons in the fire who really fit our needs better.

You’re talking about 2020, right lol. I think he fits our team like a glove. Hes a rim protector with size.

I like him but I also like a few of the bigs we are recruiting.

IMO its all about Smith. He is a potential game changer that could play quickly and dish it to the guards by the bucket-load.

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