Jackson State

For those who want to start tracking Deion Sanders as a HC candidate, Jacksin State is on right now on ESPNU.


If Deion were to bring in good assistants, I’d be onboard with giving him a serious look. He’d definitely bring in that Herman-esque hype factor and I’m not so sure he wouldn’t stay here a while.

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Is this a replay? Grambling is horrible.


I was just saying this at the game today. Coach Prime is the PERFECT coach for this team. He would put UH in a completely different stratosphere than we’ve ever seen and if he’s interested in the job then id pull the plug on Dana ASAP. Weve seen enough


lfg im in on this

Deion is the only choice if we have a vacancy at season’s end. Give him a blank check and let him get to work.

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It will not happen Dana will be back next year and expect a losing season 3-7 or 2-8 empty stadium


Fans will come for Big 12 but gotta fix operations. QB is a big question mark for next year. Hopefully hit the portal.

if you bring on Deion, he will bring his kids and recruits with far more NIL deals than JSU. his son is currently a QB at JSU and was a 4 star with p5 offers. JSU has more 5,4, and 3 star recruits on their roster than UH. And that is a SWAC school, the conference as PVAMU, Grambling, and Texas Southern. Buy in on Deion and he will return the favor.


That’s including our transfers? I’m skeptical.

If you don’t love Pearland’s one-sentence masterpieces then you aren’t an American.



In regards to Deion he’d bring a national media parade like none other. His media events would be jammin’. And we’d probably get some jacked-up recruits. But can he build a staff and program to rival the professionsl coaches in the B12?


check 247 sports ill give numbers
Hou - 0 5star - 7 4star - 66 3star(alot more than i realized) - 5 2star - 31 NR
JSU - 1 5star - 12 4star - 27 3 star( definitely a reach in my part)- 6 2star - 50 NR
(NR=Not Ranked) (Numbers based on players on the current roster)
Reality, Danas not leaving. he’s to deep in Tillman’s gild. The program is boring without a culture and its not changing anytime soon. we will have to wait another year and give the man a shot at big 12 play and see if there are changes in play. I do realize some of these kids may not have had the grades to play at a different school or are bounce backs. However an FCS school with Deion at the helm has brought in far more highly touted recruits. 2021 they took home the 247 #2 ranked player( De’jahn Warren Juco CB) and 2022 they took home 247 #1(Travis Hunter CB HS). an FCS school. Very impressive to say the least.

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We would be a top 15 recruiting team with Deion here.

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