Jake Spavital named interim Cal HC

Some mention he has a shot at HC. They ran off Sonny very late in the coaching hire season but Chip Kelly seems like a nice fit.

Chip Kelly seems like a no brainer them.

Yep, talk of Chip and Mark Helrich teaming up at Cal.

Feel bad for Dykes…well, not really. Could have had the UH job in 2012, but didn’t want it. Probably could have been at Baylor instead of Rhule, but didn’t want it. Not really sure where he ends up at this point; maybe SMU if Morris ends up at A&M.

Spavital was actually one name I was a little surprised we didn’t see linked at all here. Wouldn’t have been a top choice but there’s things to like about the guy.

Spavital equal gag reflux. No way.