Jamal Shead Breaks Down His Film | 2024 NBA Draft Scouting | Film Sesh

Ive heard he cant shoot like shooting is the only part of the game to make an impact lol

My boy showing yall fools @Footballer13

NBA coaches will sacrifice a Pat Bev type player if means they can get a guard who can average 15+ppg and 10+ assists.

Thats a different topic between starting and being a back up. But hey Pat Bev took the Rockets to the playoffs all those years and still playing at 40. There’s a place for a Jamal Shead in the NBA.


man I wish I had seen this, 2 hours ago!

Pat’s still going in the NBA, right? Not sure that’s your best example.

Career 37 percent from 3pt, much better than i realized

Lol what have I ever said about Shead… Just the video of him shooting at the combine wasn’t exactly convincing of his range. I mean come on even you don’t believe missing 4 uncontested threes at the combine is evidence that he can shoot. But obviously he makes an impact everywhere else and he’s a winner. I’ve watched him here the last 4 years lol

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Fast release though, you can work with mechanics. Teaching game sense and instincts, a lifetime

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At this point he would be a better defender than Conley, who is getting up there in age.

Conley will probably be on an NBA Bench shortly after he retires.

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I don’t think you will have many. A confluence with any team that needs his services, you will be drafting a 28 minute a game player minimum.

I was worried Shead wouldn’t be able to participate coming off his Tournament injury.
Did anyone see the Wednesday scrimmage? I haven’t found anything on it, other than the James kid report.
I heard Eddy is having a great combine, but he hasn’t play in any of the scrimmages.
Are there more scrimmages?

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Great write up,
“Even not fully back at 100%, Shead was tough defensively, keeping players in front of him and fighting over screens. Offensively, he was the floor general we’ve seen for the last four years with Kelvin Sampson”
A team that needs a back up point guard will be very foolish to pass on Shead

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Man what an AWESOME comment, couldn’t agree more. I would be stoked for Shead to play with Conley

Grimes and Sasser were projected in the 2nd round before the combine. It looks like Shead is going to improve his stock the same way they did in their draft years.


1st I saw of the jump & now everyone else caught up.
Its great.

#25 again would be sweet. Shead can do damage in a fierce Knicks defense.
Knicks w great Brunson & good McBride small guards already. Don’t see it.

Hope not Washington Wizards.
Poole & Kuzma $$$ gunners w no defense. Wash awful till they are gone.

Everywhere else in #20-23 & 27-30 fits nicely.
draft Shead spots

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I don’t want to see him on the Knicks Thibs won’t play his bench and he really won’t play a rookie.

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