Jamal Shead... doing a Test


We have the first one doing a test. At least 1 more to follow him imo.

edit: I don’t think he’s going anywhere to be honest. But my opinion is worth abt a Penny.
Hope to see Mr Shead back in Coog uniform in 2023/24 Season.



If Shead and Mark both leave, then we may have to completely rebuild from the transfer portal.

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.


Going to be a very interesting offseason. I do think Shead should test the waters since the next 2 drafts are thought to be weaker than normal.


Hes not going anywhere. Itll be the upset of the offseason.

Even though he has 2 years left cus of Covid i dont expect him to be here more than 1 year, tho! @Jcoop9

He should definitely test the waters and he will see red flags everywhere. He is not an NBA player. With his lack of size and shooting skills, I will be surprised if he ever makes an NBA roster. One of my favorite players at UH, just an honest assessment.

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There’s really no reason for these players to not “test the waters” although I think it’s less about testing the waters and more about establishing relationships and getting valuable feedback on ways to improve. Jamal, Tramon, and J’Wan should all do it. I just hope they are keeping in contact with CKS about their intentions along the way so we don’t get burned late in the game (looking at you Nate and Armoni).


They have aspirations to be Pro Basketball players not Pro Cougars

I think they how valuable it was for sasser to go through last year …i 100% think it’s a smart thing for them to do…then come back.


Then whats holding him back from trying to be a pro…? Degree & NIL money for one more year ?!

I’m sure there are a lot of factors involved in these decisions. I’m not sure what they are. I respect whatever decision they make.

Be better for us if players were told fine go test the waters but if you do your roster spot is not necessarily guaranteed. All the time your testing the waters our competitors are plucking the top talent of the portal.


Shead is the type of guy that will go force his way onto a roster through grit, hardwork and his desire to win!

He is the type that will be told he doesn’t have the tools to be an NBA player and prove EVERYONE wrong.

Go get 'em J-UNO!!!


He’ll play in the league.


Here is what Shead can expect. He will get written feedback by April 24, 2023, ahead of the NBA draft.

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CKS and the staff have a better relationship with these guys than to treat them as you described.

I’m sure they have a mutual understanding of what kind of timeline they are on….


CKS is telling them to do this… He’s not just there to win games but also to guide these men into their basketball careers.


C’mon we’ve seen how players can be treated. Cedric and Robbie were told to take a hike. ‘Its just Business’. CKS has to make difficult decisions running the program. Didn’t U. Kansas do Quentin this way?


You do realize that coach is the one that helped them find new homes right?

He didn’t throw them out….you have zero clue how this works.

Coach has honest conversations with them….they know they will rarely see the court here or go somewhere else and hopefully play more….CKS reaches out to other coaches on their behalf.

And just because Kansas runs their program one way does not mean CKS does the same.


While at Kansas, Grimes declared early for the NBA, but withdrew before the deadline. Kansas, in the meantime, used his scholarship on another player.


Why can’t Shead become a Pat Beverley type? Minus the crazy of course