Jamal Shead on being ranked 3rd in the country, scrimmages and more!

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Class act.


Great leader for the program


He became my favorite last year. Great character and just what we needed from the PG spot. Love him joking about the not so secret scrimmages


Jamal really stepped up last year after the injury to Sasser.

He averaged 8.8 points and 5.7 assists in games where Sasser played, and 10.6 points and 5.9 assists in games where Sasser DNP.

His 2.9:1 assist/TO ratio last year was ridiculous for someone who handles the ball as much as he does. No one averaged more assists per game and had a better A/TO ratio last year.

Several players averaged fewer assists (min 4.3 apg) with a better A/TO ratio:

Andrew Nembhard at Gonzaga
Jacob Gilyard at Richmond
Reese Beekman at Virginia
Jordan McCabe at UNLV
Tyger Campbell at UCLA

All of those guys were 3rd, 4th or 5th year college players last year except Beekman, and Jamal outscored Beekman by nearly 2 points per game.


Why do they always ask that negative question about the bad days? Who cares. Enjoy this time and let’s hope we can win the natty.

Who is the other scrimmage against?

At Texas and vs Duke


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Texas is in San Antonio

Done by @dawsonstaleydesigns on Instagram

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Anyway to get into this thing RW?

Is it at UTSA, Trinity, maybe St. Mary’s? Blossom?

Yeah I would like to get in to see it also, but I bet it’s closed to us

So what part of the term “secret” scrimmage is not clear?


The reason I asked is because I am in San Antonio and I know a few people that might possibly be involved in helping something like this go down.

If u hear something let me know, I’m not far from SA and would love to go

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No one can attend these scrimmages, even “big” donors. Coaches can’t even talk about who they scrimmaged after it’s been played.

Check Jon Rothstein and Jeff Goodmans Twitter. They’ll know who balled out during the scrimmage