Jarreau status for syracuse

Maybe this is gamesmanship or not. Im guessing probably not since Coach has always such a straight shooter.


Edit: Missed this on the Syracuse thread originally posted by jitter.


Jarreau was probably at less than 50% against Rutgers. 75% is good news. And about what I expected.


His status- Savage


Of course he is not practicing.worst thing would be making things Worse with hits and stress on his hip. Healing involves staying off your feet and icing and keeping a tight wrap around your hips. I’m sure he is using a crutch to get around and getting the best care from our medical staff. Jarreau is a fifth year senior. A week of rest wont hurt him. He can study and watch the game plan .


he probably doesn’t practice til friday to see how things feel after resting

I hope he is this kind of “adequate”. Line from Rutgers.


yes sir :+1:

He’s doin a live stream on insta right now. They were playing golf at some entertainment complex. Seemed rather chipper.

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More than any stat line, what I hope he can do is take a guard out of their offense. If he is not able to play at that level then Grimes might need to take on the tougher matchup

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Well if he can putt-putt, he’s good to go!!

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The days off are gonna be good for him… But expect Beoheim to pick and roll him hard on that side.

GREAT interview with Dejon!

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He said when we were down by 9, he just decided he needed to go in and just got up snd went to the scorers desk and checked in, didn’t tell or ask CKS. Wow! Of course CKS could have pulled him back out, but knew we really needed him.


And, after all that, does any-one actually believe that he won’t be ready for Syracuse? Thought not!

Uh…he’s a savage.