Jarreau update

Great news. Team will be at full strength for Okie State next weekend.


Lamar beat Rice at Rice last night. If we can realistically bring in 5k against them, that’ll be cool. Prices should be back to normal, and scalpers should be non factors. And Houstonians want to see what’s the hype is all about. “PeOpLe LoVe NeW ShInY ThInGs” -Herman


I hope your right!

I hope people come out Tuesday to support the team. We not have and empty Fartitta center.


I have some scheduling problems on Tuesday and will not make the tip off but I will be there as soon as possible.

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Just having 2k students there would make the place loud…but I am not holding my breath…

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The Cage should always be packed.

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I think this is the real test. I’m curious, but I have faith people will show up. I think we had a large contingent that didn’t attend UH but still showed up to show support for the city & the university.

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My party is three and none of us graduated from UH. However, we follow Cougar athletics because we love college sports.


Basically, take away the 2k students… We’re at 5k. In an average game we need around 1,500 alumni to attend. Family, friends, UH employees would give us 200 more people. So… If we can convince like 3k plus fans from our large population city to attend a fast pace fun, weather controlled and only 2 hours long, we’ll be set. Having good Wi-Fi helps and don’t make the tickets too expensive.

Our thanks for your and your party’s support over all these years.


Correct! I will be there for My City and the Program I’ve “Loved” since I was I was a kid! The University of Houston is and will always be “Houston’s” University! #GoCoogs!


Due to health reasons i do not get to go to as many games as I would like, but that was a nice crowd Saturday night and a very energetic one. It reminded me so much of the good ol’ days when UH was a very difficult place to play due to crowd noise.
My big concern is that as I looked around at the crowd, I saw a whole bunch of gray haired folks like myself. I did think the student crowd was loud and raucous just like the old days.
Let’s hope being back on campus will help draw some Houstonians who have no ties to UH, and like I said before, we must hope that students hang around and attend the games…
Regardless I was thrilled to be at the opening game, just as excited as I was on Dec. 1, 1969.
This team is nowhere close to being as good as it will be. Robinson and Corey could not buy buckets and yet we still won.
Armani is a really good outside shooter…reminds me so much of Jeff Hickman who started for the Coogs in that opener at Hofheinz.
Like everyone else I continue to be impressed with Hinton kid. He plays out of control a tad in the open court game but he will mature and learn from a great coach.
I also liked Gresham as he played hard and stayed active where he belonged, under the basket.
The best news of the night was the return of Fabian White. Let him get back into shape and he is going to be huge for us this year.
Great time, brought back so many memories and saw so many folks who I went to school with…
This team will continue to develop and should be a tourney team IMO…and hopefully my son will be coming back down from Pearland more often and taking the old man to more games…
Go Coogs…


Butch, spot on with the Jeff Hickman/Armoni comparison.

On Nate, I’ve about come to the conclusion that his game reminds me a little of a smaller version of freshman Clyde. Just like Clyde, Nate had been forced to play the 4 position. Both can/could get the ball down the court incredibly quick. Nate even tends to shoot the line-drive jumper, although Nate appears to have much better range at this comparable stage. Both have/had considerable confidence in their game.

Fabian will determine how far we go this season.


I think we may sell out the cheap seats by game time. The clubs seats might look pretty rough, between almost half of them not being sold and no telling how many of the ones that are sold show up. Will still be a much better audience than we had in 90% of our games at TSU anyway. So the players shouldn’t be disappointed.


I’ll be at the Lamar game!




We’ve come a long way since the Dickey Days. I still remember when Danuel House (Houston Rocket) made his Hoffeinz home debut. There was probably around 2k in attendance, and half of them were HISD kids who got in for free. I think it was a field trip for them. Student section was pretty much non-existent. I remember Danuel House was looking at the very sparse crowd in disbelief. I still don’t know to this day how Coach Dickey landed that 2012 class.

Yeah and all his good recruits ended up transferring except for Chicken. Mad respect for him staying to help turn around our program!


Yeah, Chicken :chicken: was the only loyal one to the University. He was also, always seen in other school sporting events in campus. I think coach McLean, also had something to do with it as both are from the Bahamas.