Jarrett Allen made a big mistake

That UT team is not good. They will be killed in conference play. Just lost to UT-Arlington, totally dominated in the 2nd half.

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Nothing against Jarrett Allen, because I don’t know the kid. But it truly makes my heart happy to see UT losing.

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Man, I bet Shaka is feeling too Smart about his move to TU… looks like TU is a place where hot coaches careers go down the drain.

And we needed a big so badly. Got dominated by LSU on the boards last night. That’s a theme we’ll continue seeing throughout the season. He would be a double double machine here. Smdh

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Yep, I think he (and his dad) knew that too which is why he considered us for that long.

Mom got in the way…



Exactly. UH basically has the same bigs as last year. It would of put Chicken coming from the bench where he prefer to do so. I tried to recruit him sooo hard to UH because it was a better fit. UH would of played him at Center instead of Pf and he also would of open up shots for our shooters. I was disappointed when he chose UH specially after coach Sampson had offer him early on.



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Have you looked at the B12 recently. Only 2 duds in the bunch. UT might only win 1 or 2 more games if they don’t improve.

He can still transfer and play in the new Fertitta center.



Alvin…is that you ?

If he doesn’t stay at Texas, does his mom have to give back the money?


If he doesn’t go back to Texas, Texas is screw.

UH actually offered more $ to Allen.

The more I hear about these rumors, the more I believed them. His recruitment was very odd & bizarre.

Jarrett Allen is either the most indecisive person or someone else was holding off on his decision for the best offer $$$ out there.

I doubt this. UH budget ain’t that big without good revenue coming in. Just wait until the new arena comes into play. :smiling_imp::slight_smile:

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From what a Texas basketball insider told me. He was soft verbal to Texas. UH offers him $ money and Allen tells Shaka what it would take to get him or he’s going to UH. And took Shaka while if he wanted to pay him.

Even if you what you say is true (and I doubt it) . . . Just because the Allen family told UT that UH offered money doesnt mean anything. The Allens could have been lying to get (more) money out of UT.

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