Ja'Vier Francis' Development

From what I can find online he accepted a medical redshirt for personal reasons…

Jwan in the Fabien role is definitely exciting.

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We’re guard heavy. If JF can stay out of foul trouble, set good picks, rebound and play defense, I don’t care all that much about points. We have shooters.

Any improvement on offense would be gravy, not a necessity.

That said, his offense did improve quite a bit from year 1 to year 2.

Sparknotes summary of this thread for those who do not want to read the entire thing:

Javier can be really good, IF he gets a lot better


Does that mean I could be really good at basketball if I get a lot better?

I read this entire thread as being populated with thoughts from a bunch of people who haven’t watched much UH basketball over the last 9 years. Other than one magical season with Carlton (who wasn’t even starting at the beginning of the year), the 5 has never been the strength of our team. The 5 is expected to rebound and rim protect, which Ja’Vier does pretty well already. Yes, he can cut down on the fouls, but I fully expect him to continue improving just has nearly everyone in our program does under Sampson.


the size of the IF would increase

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2 different counters from 2 differnt angles

  1. we’ve never won a title in Houston, I Dont think anyone questions that we’ll be good to some extent as we have been for the past few years, the doubt is when are we going to break the glass ceiling… and like you noted weve never been strong at the 5, maybe that is what we need to break the glass ceiling …

  2. this year is different than previous years, this is comfortably the worst frontcourt weve had “entering” the season since maybe year 1 of sampson looking at the dynamics… weve never entered a season without a proven 4/5 that can spread the floor dating all the way back to pollard/chicken… and if the rotation is as expected (meaning lath and mcfarland are barely playing)… this will be the smallest height/weight combination weve had at any point under sampson, not just in the front court but the entire rotation (note we are starting 2 6’1 players)…breaon was 6’8 but was also 260lbs

both point 1 and point 2 are pushed more emphasized in the we wont be playing in the aac anymore, and the level of play has drastically. and i mean drastically increased


“We’ve never been strong at the 5”.

Under Sampson, you mean.

Not under Guy Lewis.

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Other than UCLA our history at the center position is up there with anyone.
Every team is going to be different and win with different looking rotations.
We have had some centers for CKS who have done an outstanding job of playing the roles we needed them to to win games.
I love the rotation we have and what I think we will get from some players.
Our team is going to be built around elite guard play. Cryer will be the lead scorer with Shead dominating his position on both ends. We will have some high level role players in Dunn, Sharp and Arceneaux. Many are really selling our front-court short. I guarantee something was wrong with Roberts at the end but I have seen what he can be and that is someone who can control the paint with the ball in his hands. We can win with two bigs on the floor and his strengths becomes even stronger at the much like that really good Baylor team who beat us in the Final Four. When he goes out we change our look which I think will be good enough to force most teams to adjust to what we are doing. My one concern is front court depth unless. Laity can make a jump and give us some good minutes like Nura Zanna did a few years back.

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