Ja'Vier Francis

Catch the ball, one dribble, go for the dunk. Most of his catches are within 5 feet of the basket. He is so RAW on offense


This should be a very positive Thread!
" Can’t Wait! :roll_eyes:

The SP’s are gonna be on your but for this one… Good luck!

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Hes got a 7’ 5" wingspan. But hes not quick off the ground like Tugler is

He moves 3/4 speed, compared to our bigs.

And then the travel on the easy dunk late, his coordination for a 3rd year player, still isnt great

Catch, 1 dribble, dunk. Its like sometimes the game moves too quick for him


Today wasn’t his best game obviously. But he really needs to get better on offense. His defense has been good and he’s not fouling as much as last year.

The problem he has is Jojo is getting better and better, and imho you can tell he’s a better athlete compared to Javier


JoJO should be starting, with Francis off the bench.


hes so awkward, will never be a good D1 player


I don’t know about Francis. He should not start

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It is inevitable that Tugler will start.

Francis and then Lath off the bench.


Frances contributes and had a big bucket at the end. He is a winner.


All I know is Francis is a regular in the rotation - on an 11-0 team that just lost for the season one of the other regulars in the rotation. We need this guy - and all of them - more than ever rest of the way - imperfect or not. This is what we go to war with.


Our post guys have the touch of a herd of rhinos. But thankfully Roberts rebounds like a beast. And francis gets about six a game just being in the same zip code.

Btw - 10 blocked shots.


I’m team Frances. And if you call me Frances I’ll kill ya. :grinning:

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Francis had 2 awful players with around a minute left that kept A&M in the game. He didn’t block out on a FT, A&M ball out of bounds and then Taylor makes his 100th 3 of the 2nd half. UH goes down on offense and has an easy catch for a dunk when his man helps on a drive and he travels. Awful mistakes at a crucial time of the game.


I feel the CKS should insist that anytime Francis touches the ball, keep it above is head and stop bringing it down so everyone gets a shot at it.


Yes but a big bucket later.

You really don’t think that they coach that??

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Then it ain’t working !!!

So, your saying CKS cannot coach.

You are a clown.


you’re the clown, useless stats there, you dont know anything about basketball, dude is a liability on offense, every time he catches the ball he looks scared and nervous, would not be starting on any other team in the B12