JD stepping up

While I have been critical of JD in the past (all still not forgiven), he has really stepped up his coverage on our Coogs. Very good articles both on-line and in print. Here is his latest. I hope this positive trend continues.



Naw…he ripped his britches imho

Looking forward to hearing the broadcaster tell us about the Navy Linebacker.

I am sorry but who?


Doesn’t help that the Navy already has a stereotype about such things.

…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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They should turn some unfortunately named people away in the recruiters offices. I knew a young female that joined the Navy with the last name “Showers”. They should have quickly said you need to go to the Air Force, Navy is not a good idea for you.

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Seaman ________

Captain ________

Rear Admiral _______

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#9 is probably pretty tough. I’m sure he had to fight a lot in middle school and high school.