Jeff Fisher's legacy

Last year, out of 33 QBs in the NFL that had 200 passing attempts or more, Keenum was ranked 28th in QBR, Goff was ranked 33rd and the Rams went 4-12. This year, Goff is 6th, Keenum is 8th and the Rams and Vikings combined record is 23-7.

Something to watch for in the playoffs, Nick Foles now starts for the Eagles thanks to Carson Wentz going down with a torn ACL. Foles had the honor of struggling under Fischer in 2015 before Keenum took over the last 4 games.

Maybe Fischer should be a G.M. He can spot talent, just has no clue how to use it.

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I think I saw that Fisher was angling for a job next season. I’m sure he uses the fact that he can spot talent on his resume.

It was always strange that Fisher got so much time at each stop. In 22 years as a head coach, he only made the playoffs 6 times. Those were also the only times his teams finished above .500.

In 5 of his last 6 years, his offenses finished 27th or worse; his last two years saw his offenses ranked last. It seems that Fisher hasn’t been able to adapt to the NFL and its changes and the game has passed him by.

Not if the Bengals put up 208 against the Ravens.

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It helps to not only have photos, but also the negatives. :wink:

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He was a standout coach at USC and went into the league as a hot commodity.

It might change one or two spots but it’s looking like the Broncos went from 4th in points allowed to 21st and the Rams went from 23rd in points allowed to 7th.

That is why our boy Wade keeps getting DC jobs.


My youngest kid is a long time Rams fan and this year has been the second greatest football season of his life, just behind the Coogs 2015 season. We were talking about Fisher’s ability to draft really well and prevent that talent from producing earlier today. Fisher coached for cheap crappy owners, that’s how he stayed employed as long as he did.

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