Jefferson Update

Dang it!

Great opportunity for a youngster to step up or for a senior like Leday to just let it all hang out and go out in a blaze of glory!

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This is a bummer for him and us. He is the fastest on the team. Hope he is ok!

Corbin and Leday saw most of the time there Saturday; I would imagine they get more play.

If King returns, he’s probably in that mix.

If King returns, do they move him to the slot and move Bonner outside? I like King’s speed on the outside, but I like Bonner’s hands and size better.

I think they’ll mix it up. When King is in, he’ll primarily be the slot or line up in the backfield in my opinion. Good chance he’d be the 4th WR if they go to a 4 WR set.

Coogs offered a number of different looks with their WR on Saturday.

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Corbin will start in place of Ellis.

I was very worried that it could have been a much more serious injury. Nonetheless he has got to take his time. His health is first. He is going to be a major plus for us.
Regarding King we have to wait that is 100% back. There is no way that I would use him in the slot if he is still not right. We are much better off having healthy players when we face ttl.

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