Jeremy Singleton Video

Jeremy posted this cool video of some highlights, thought I would share. I’m really glad he came out of the portal. He’s a great Coog


He had too many drops this year. He needs to clean that up.


You could say that for everybody besides Jake. Even Dell had too many drops

I’m sure he is a very smart young man and knows what he needs to do to become an even better high level player.

I agree on Dell. He had too many drops as well - but Dell makes up for it with explosive plays.

Singleton just needs to catch the ball more consistently in order to be a solid option for Tune.

Speaking of receivers, you could field a track team with all of these new recruits. Hopefully we land that big juco TE.

How many drops are acceptable?

I don’t know how many times I said - “see what happens when you catch the ball?”

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