Jerome Solomon - UH has come a long way from '94 snub

Very, very pro-current state of affairs at UH from Solomon:

UH has come a long way from '94 snub
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But as much as Cougars want to rewrite history, UH not being invited to join the Big 12 in 1994 was upsetting, but not a huge slight. UH didn’t deserve to be in a league with the big boys.

It does now.

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Wow. The only issue is that Baylor and Tech didn’t belong with the big boys.


An interesting article, but Ol’ King Solomon does get his kick in UH’s gut where he can.

That photo could have been better - was that the Grambling game? The Chron has hundreds of photos from the Temple game, Memphis game, Navy game, Solomon chose a beauty.

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Solomon…is still the ROACH !!!

I still find it difficult to believe that he gets paid to write this tripe.

BUT…then again, it is the HC…a leader in tripe !!

Soloman is a dumb***.

Also - can we not use a better picture of TDECU than one where the stadium is half full?! WTF?!

That was my first thought too.

The picture tells you all you have to know about how solly feels about it.


UH is better since '94. I wonder if the comical wishes it could say the same for it’s token writer…

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