Jerry Kill steps down as HC at NMSU

Brief story, but Kill says they need a head coach with a lot of energy. Apparently he doesn’t have it. Honorable thing to do, especially in comparison to our last HC here, who lost the energy years ago.


He’s stepped down before for health reasons.

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I know he’s had seizures in the past, not sure if he was actually diagnosed with epilepsy however.

True, but that wasn’t mentioned as a reason here.

Not sure if it’s his health, or maybe it really is burnout. Or maybe Las Cruces just wasn’t his cup of tea. That’s a tough job.

Too bad, good dude


Health issues

Pretty sure I have read he has epilepsy. A level that can definitely takes its toll on his day to day activities.

It absolutely is and I applause him for doing so.

Hard to believe someone can replicate what he did

I would love to have him on staff as a consultant. Just visit with the position coaches every week. Attend some practices. Give some advice. And sit in the air conditioned press box game day drinking mineral water and texting your granddaughters. Guy seems to enjoy football still. Would give him something to do and us a great resource.


Yes I’m quoting myself, but only to give more context to how tough that job is. See the following:

I didn’t read the article to know whether they signed three athletes (per the title) or four athletes (per the body). Either way, ooof.

Congrats on the best two seasons at NMSU in 63 years. :persevere:

At the end of the bowl game he went off on New Mexico’s AD and said he dont have the coach - he can go to Mexico and drink margaritas lol :joy: - it was behind that

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Anybody that throws off on his last day and rides off into the sunset with a bottle of tequila is born to lead. I wanna be part of that guy’s posse.