Jerry Kill

Still rather have Will Stein. Jerry has the HC experience, however.

Kill was 31-31 in P5 competition. Do we want a coach who wins 50% of the time?

One good season at lowly NMSU and suddenly he’s a darling of college football?

The word I’m thinking of is…dubious.

He took over a Minnesota team that won 3 games and struggled his first year. They went to a bowl the next season and then had two consecutive 8 win seasons. The following year they were 4-3 when he had his seizure. Minnesota is not the easiest place to win. They’re sitting at 5-6 right now.

Minnesota almost retired Lou Holtz.

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Before Jerry Kill, NMSU had one bowl appearance in the previous 62 years. Before Kill, NMSU had only 4 bowl appearance in their 128 year history.

NMSU was playing home games in front of less than 10,000 fans the season before Kill arrived.

He took a team that was 2-10 and in his first season went 7-6 with not only a bowl game appearance but a bowl win. The schedule may have been questionable, but that’s quite a shift.

Now in his first year in CUSA he’s got the team playing for a conference championship. Again, you can question the competition, but in the previous 130 years they have failed over and over again against the same competition.


Good post in defense of Coach Kill.


I have no idea if he’s right for UH, but to turnaround NMSU is an amazing feat.



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The guy didn’t officially sign his contract until this year too

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LOVE Jerry Kill coming, if we can get him…He should be on our list to contact, for sure…


You know I love me some NMSU.

Not as much as my Coogs but close.


Glutton for punishment.


Winning at NMSU is close to raising the dead.

Destroying Auburn in their Stadium is beyond amazing for The Aggies.

Whatever Kill is smoking we need to also be smoking.


Very true….kinda like watching Dana coach and expecting something different.


On the other hand, you get to enjoy some good football right now, thanks to Jerry Kill and the Sun Aggies.

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Trying to recruit to Las Cruces is sorta like trying to recruit to Beaumont, except maybe Beaumont might be nicer.

Beaumont is wetter.

Not sure which one smells better (I’m putting Vado NM on Cruces) :cow2::poop:

I’d say Beaumont by a nose.

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Lived in New Mexico a long time, so have some bias.

But go with Las Cruces. Clean, no humidity, good Mexican food, near White Sands National Monument and 125 miles to Ruidoso, Cloudcroft, Ski Apache, and Inn of the Mountain Gods.

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The key here is: 125 miles from Ruidoso. I am not making a jest of you. Part of my family is East of Lovington. On the Texas side