Jim Nantz Media Room?

I just heard them on the Rice broadcast mention the Jim Nantz Media Room, maybe in the Fertitta Center. Anyone know what they are referring to? First I’ve heard of it.

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In tdecu stadium

What a remarkable Coog. One of the great UH representatives to American sports culture.


Oh he turned the tide again tonight. Spoke for a minute on tv said go Coogs with the paw we cruise to a win just like our last football win in Annapolis.


You could understand what the announcers were saying ? ? ? ? ? I thought the acoustics were horrible tonight. Only place I remember having worse acoustics was a bathroom at Wal Mart . . . . .

There’s a corner store at the corner of Steubener Airline and Cypresswood in Spring that has had crackling sound for four years. The cashiers use earplugs.


Hello friends…

The one I know about, where the men’s and women’s basketball postgame press conferences are held, is inside Fertitta Center

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