Jimbo was being a little too honest

Agree. Up to this point it was likely a smaller pool of boosters who were willing to skirt the rules. Now with everything out in the open, the potential money pool will explode as money interests aren’t worried about ethics or legality.

Nobody knows where this will end up, but it will change college football and very likely not for the better.

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FYI, only the portion used for tuition, fees, equipment and certain other qualified expenses is “tax-exempt”. The portion of scholarships used for room and board, for example, is taxable income.
NOTE: This is not tax advice. Please consult with your individual tax advisor.

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If I am doing the math correctly, that is a million per recruit. I suspect it is paid out over 4-5 years.

I now get the Bama thing.

A real adult conversation / question that every university has to ask is “how much is playing for a national championship really worth to us”. I think the Pac 12 has answered that for themselves,

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