Jimbo was being a little too honest

Jimbo Fisher Has Brutally Honest Admission On Recruiting (msn.com)

The NIL thing is nothing new other than it is being taxed.


Had a similar conversation with a high school coach the other day.

Money that had been moving around from boosters/businesses to college athletes has been the worst kept secret on college football, now, it’s just all out in the open.

This is why, and I could be wrong, that for most football programs, the NIL deals won’t hurt recruiting much. It’ll probably matter more among blue bloods and top tier programs and the athletes they recruit. But for the 90% of P5 and all of the G5, it’s kinda business as usual.


I totally agree. Nothing has changed except the boosters and players no longer have to worry about tax evasion and money laundering charges.

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Jimbo Fisher “We’ve never been a part of it,”
Hahahahahaha. Aggies been paying players forever.


Now that’s funny


There is a difference. The money pot is larger, and there is open corporate participation. Those are game changers. College ball will become AAA Feeder league to the NFL sooner rather than later. Pay to play is here.

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He would need to clarify who “we” is. :upside_down_face:

That is the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life…
Plausible Deniability is one thing. Incredibly Stupid Statements of Fact is another animal entirely…


RC Slocum moved up the coaching ladder by being a bag man for Jackie Sherrill. He’s the college equivalent of Goldman Sachs.

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Exactly…RC was the bag man for all those South Oak Cliff players on payroll at that apartment complex funded by Federal tax dollars and owned by GagEm alum…
They were exposed 100% , Feds came in, etc.

Gee Whiz, we shore are sorrrrry…
They got probation. Had we done that, we would’ve gotten the Death Penalty…


Colleges are were already doing that. The problem I do not like is what it cost to train an athlete for a professional sport. Should colleges start charging them for all the training and nutrition.

:eyes: :eyes: :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

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Yep they bought them the #1 recruiting class.

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Their class is being called The Greatest of All Time.

$Money talks. And B. S. Walks.

I have mentioned this before about a 5 star 2023 class rb. I can’t confirm but a friend of his told me that the dad is always getting money “donated” to him. Guess who is his number 1 team? Aggies. He was committed somewhere else who pays well but Aggies pay better.

I’d rather have a 3 or low 4 star who has a chip on their shoulder than some really talented entitled 5 star out there.

You have to wonder if all that guaranteed money is going to somehow get them beyond an occasional 2nd place finish in their division. It hasn’t worked so far.

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Paying players has gone on forever. The figure that is being floated around for A&M’s class is a bit startling.

The mechanism to pay players with “foundations” and “charities” is pretty well established.

What isn’t really well known is how the donors who are giving these large sums of money are getting paid. What is the quid pro quo? No one really thinks that these people are giving all this money simply out of love for the university. I Suspect there are government contracts that are awarded to these donors.

My strong gut feeling is that the reason it “means more” in the SEC is that because of the historically corrupt state and local governments in those small southern states, they have found a way to fund all of this through state and local contracts of various types. That is my gut feeling.


I’m with you…a very real problem for any of these “donors” is going to be the federal tax treatments of these “gifts” or “salaries” or however they are characterized…

Does the donor have to declare it as a “gift” ?
Is it a “salary” paid ? FICA, SS withholding, 1099s, etc.?

Heck, our Congress was trying to push through a bill to follow any expenditure of $800 or more (how, why, where)…how in the world is the IRS, Comptroller of the Currency, Treasury Dept. gonna characterize this hot mess ?


The Donor will have to cut a 1099 to the player, which means a Tax Return for the player to file, plus paying self-employment taxes(15.3%) or a Donor puts the player on payroll and withholds taxes.

This is not Tax-Free income. It is Earned Income.

The scholarships, etc. are Tax-Exempt per our IRS Code.

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Hope the Aggies have a dedicated program with consultants to advise these players what they will need to avoid prosecution for tax fraud or avoidance.

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