Joe Lieberman Passed Away

RIP, Joe.

Always liked him. A straight shooter.

I always liked Joe. Too bad he did not run for President. He would have made a great one. I would have loved to see Gary Hart as his running mate.

He ran in 04.

Didn’t Gary Hart drop out of running for President because of some marital affairs or something? That’s probably the only thing I remember about him.

Indeed he did. He was not part of the…

Yep, he was a serial womanizer and adulterer. He also lied about it.

Hart was into the “Monkey Business”.

She was pretty hot. Hope it was worth it.

What he did/does in his private business is none of our business. That should have never disqualified him.

Agree to disagree. Character matters to me.

That’s clearly crossed into politics. Why do you do that?

Joe is greatly missed.

I always appreciated Joe’s thought process and his demeanor no matter what was in front of him.
…and what a sense of humor.