John Canzano's "Working Theory"

Interesting at least…He was first with the Pac/ACC partnership.

“My working theory… Pac-12 partners with ACC. Then, Pac-12 pursues several key Big 12 members (Baylor, Kansas, Houston, Oklahoma State, etc.). That version of the ACC/Pac-12 would be very interesting to ESPN in football and men’s basketball.”

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This just makes no sense to me. It’s literally the exact same thing as the Big 12 taking Utah, Arizona’s, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

Clemson, FSU and UNC will most likely want to leave the ACC. The Big 12 can eventually try and grab 2 ACC teams once the top tier ACC teams join the Power 2 conferences


He is clearly trying to drive hits to his blog, but he seems to have some sources. Hopefully his “Theory” is just junk and ultimately the B12 comes out ahead.

This is exactly what I want, with a grant of rights. AAU schools, local matchup with baylor. This would be great for UH research and rankings.

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Gross. And then we get to share a conference with Washington State, Oregon State, Pittsburgh, and others.

And going to be even better once Oregon, Washington, Clemson, Miami, and North Carolina leave.


“Bob Thompson, the former president of Fox Sports Networks, told me on Tuesday that a potential Pac-12 partnership with the ACC captures TV markets that include 27.7 million households. By comparison, the Big 12 television markets have only 14 million households.”

Defies logic, may have 27.7m eyeballs but if only 1.5% are watching and you have 14m eyeballs and more than 50% are watching. Work the math. Doesn’t meet the smell taste.

CCG viewership ACC 2.7m vs B12 8.1m. one thing these folks fail to point out the true viewership and math of eyeballs watching in reality.

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This would be very interesting. And I know some here may not like or agree with this, but when I start seeing Baylor included in scenarios like this, I actually take them more seriously.

Like it or not, Baylor has national cache, they have winning football, basketball and other sports. Yes they benefited from the Big XII membership, but I’m not at all interested in “woulda, coula, shoulda” or what happened over 25 years ago (and I’m an old, SWC Coog).

I only care about the path forward, where UH will land and that it’s a good spot which provides the Coogs a chance to play at the highest levels.

I much prefer the Big XII option and picking up PAC-12 schools, but I’d also be open to moving UH along with BU, TTU, OSU, KU, TCU, K-State, I-State to a PAC-12.

Not sure what that would mean for BYU, WVU, Cincy and UCF, but end of then day, I only care about UH’s future and grabbing a seat before the music ends.


Its just throwing crap down the bowling alley. Are teams going to leave a stable conference, leave the OUT money, and join a hastily-assembled group of schools who their fans may or may not want to watch?

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Some numbers will be ignored, scaled, or adjusted to evaluate the most profitable collection of programs left, but the guys with the money aren’t going to be outsmarted by the conferences.

Everyone in the PAC orbit is supposedly horrified USC and UCLA will travel to Rutgers, then proposes the same travel to NC State, except for one-third the money. Yeah, makes sense.


There is more to life than money. There’s not a lot more but there are things. The same bloggers that say Cal and Stanford may drop football turn around and say you run to the highest dollar. Which is it? Some schools have priorities and the others have greed? The B12 is stable. Sooner or later someone will realize there’s a premium value in that fact alone.


Say that would be the case; is UH on the hook for $80MM exit fee added to the current $18MM AAC exit fee? I don’t know how it works with UH at this point, but I assume we did sign some kind of contract with the B12.

Not necessarily, our clock starts July 1st 2023 in the big12. We don’t owe any exit fee to the big12 , based on the way big12 exit fee language is constructed.

We would pay some kind of breach, TCU set a precedent.

What would be better IMHO is for the Pac12 to pick up two MW teams and continue on as if nothing happened.

Demand continued inclusion in the Power5 club and threaten law suits when the SEC/Big10 eventually try to push you down. Big12 should have their back.

Basically, don’t panic and it will be alright.

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Hard to say…

BYU peeps are saying the GOR was involved with the documents we signed. If so, we could be in the Big 12 for at least that period no matter what. So that could be the two years of revenue.

My guess is that there would be a settlement.

Big12 bylaws.

Buyout Amount. Any Withdrawing Member shall pay to the Conference a commitment buyout fee (the “Buyout Amount”) in an amount equal to the sum of the amount of distributions that otherwise would be paid to the Member during the final two years of its membership in the Conference.

We are not members of the big12 until 2023. We are in the AAC. We cannot be in two conferences at the same time. Our contract in the big12 starts 2023. The GOR starts 2023.

Simply go to the big12 website and see if UH, or BYU is listed among the schools in big12.

Still think the big12 has an upper hand, but if the pac12 somehow survives, it will involve Houston.

I’ve been in sales a a long time. What I’ve come to know is that sometimes you have to go out and pitch what’s available, even though you know there are better deals out there. It’s awesome when it works though.

Pac10 knows their inventory alone can’t compete. It’s all about the presentation for them at this point.


There’s a lot of ideas and conjecture out there. The one that sticks is going to be the one the media will bless with a good contract provided any moving schools dont have too heavy a price to pay.

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If we signed a GOR our last two years in the conference would be 2023 and 2024.

The 4 new b12 schools are certainly in a different category. A pac12 offer that comes with a good media deal and scheduling alliance with ACC is something to consider. Ultimately, the next chapter will only last as long as the ACC GOR anyway. Not sure its worth burning a bridge over, even if all 3 of the other new b12 schools take the offer.

I strongly doubt we signed any documents in the big12 as far as conference membership is concerned. We are in the AAC, it would be impractical to do so before 2023 when we are officially released from AAC obligations.

All we did is probably sign the offer letter .