John Jenkins

This is fun to watch. I love him.


That country accent :muscle:

He looks so much older, but is an offensive genius.

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His website has him as a lifter. Look it up. He is in amazing shape.
Apart from that I wholeheartedly wish he could be a “an OC consultant” for us. Saban has a ton of these.
Of course Mr. Jenkins would have to agree.

I told you guys his wife was my English teacher in junior high. Love that guy!


I loved the run and shoot days. It was the most fun you could possibly have with your pants on.


John Jenkins - coming at ya full throttle with no apologies. If you don’t like it, get better


Yes, I loved and respected John Jenkins attitude.

It was blatant STUPIDITY on behalf of the UH administration to do a 180 degree change in the direction of our FB program (post Jenkins) - going from trying to be the best and win big with style (like an OU) to becoming a plain vanilla offense (like a Kansas) - so as to try not to embarrass weaker programs. And so we all saw what that got us.

After that tragic mistake, the truth is if it wasn’t for Art Briles, we might not still have a FB program.


credit to the AD that hired Briles.

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No doubt! I remember walking around with coach Briles on a practice field shortly after he was hired, and he told me that we just HAD to win, because if we didnt, there wouldnt be football at UH any more…He did win, and he did save us…Always grateful for that.


To this day, the O that Jenkins coached was absolutely positively the most exciting football that I have ever witnessed…
If you went to the bathroom, you missed 2 TDs.

And people forget that he was an amazing hybrid TE (and sometimes like a slot RB) for the Razorbacks…he was a tweener, and a utility knife guy who was always making plays, whether blocking or otherwise…he reminded me of All Pro Todd Christianson for Oakland.


What could have been?

Were you a cougar fan then? That is great, I would have learned nothing but how the coogs were doing if it was me. My high school counselor was a huge coog fan and i would get the sports page from the library and go into his office and we would discuss the news articles while skipping class.


He was a HS coach back then

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100% agree. It is still used today in diffetent packages all around the nfl. The patriots still used it a few seasons ago with TB.

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Lucky kids.