John McClain

I was eating lunch with a friend at the Carrabba’s in Kingwood and guess who was at the next table over. John McClain, we went over and said hi as we were leaving.

Did you ask him the question

No, Just said hi, shook hands my buddy said a few things to him that made him laugh and we moved on.

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Getting his grub on, it looks like. Bon Appetit!

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What question?

I feel like there’s something here I’m not aware about.

Your Title is not the same guy.


lol ya changed it. The sports writer not politician. thanks

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Ask if he killed Kurt Cobain, or what?

Maybe ask if he’s ever missed a meal.
Ok sorry my bad.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


My buddy said he was going to ask him about a “Texans Fire sale” but he never did. Anyway I don’t know what that means b/c I don’t follow the Texans.

You should’ve asked him about Nakatomi Plaza.


Good dude

Should have asked him, how he felt about the Coogs being big12.Lol


He has gone on the SOTA weight loss program and has lost over 30 pounds in a month and still going strong. I wish him all the success because I know how hard it is to lose weight, especially as we grow older.


We shall see he’s been very overweight for long time. I too hope he stays with it.


too soon

That’s hilarious!!!
Great reference.

Love John, he’s a goodie.

I miss when he would called certain players punks, whiners, and losers. I felt sorry for him his last few years covering the Texans because he had to bite his tongue because the Texans have most of the media living in fear that they will have their credentials pulled if they are really honest about the sorry state of the team.

I’ve been meaning to ask you Johnny, “why did you let Bodhi go?”