John O'Korn vs. Greg Ward

I remember John O’Korn increased his mass during the offseason but then wasn’t the same player when he came back. Now Ward has increased mass, we all expect great things. What is the difference between what happened with O’Korn and what Ward did in the offseason? Anyone have an idea of where we went wrong and how we didn’t go wrong again this year?

Obviously, coaching is different and the players are different but I just wonder.

From what I’ve seen, Ward didn’t put on the same kind of weight that O’Korn did. O’Korn “bulked up”, Ward is cut. Ward is also a much better athlete.

Tom and Yancy know what they’re doing. I wouldn’t worry about this.

The biggest overriding factor that happened to O’Korn was the incompetence of the very offensive offensive coordinator.


I vote for O’Corn :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a completely different coaching staff today. O’Korn’s issue his sophomore season was incompetent coaching.

Herman and Applewhite > Levine and Bush


O’Korn had no coachIng under Levine. How many times would you see him sitting alone between series.

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Well its been said but it bears repeating. O’Korn had zero coaching. That kid was on his own. And that had hurt his development considerably. We will never know how good he might have been had he stuck around to be coached by Applewhite and Herman. Goodness knows they tried to get him to stay. And this takes nothing away from Ward.

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Exactly… Ward just made things happen because he could scramble and find things, because…he is Greg Ward. O’Korn was recruited to be a shotgun Air Raid QB and after Meachum left, it was just a collection of plays and no coherent philosophy on offense. I don’t blame him one bit.

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Even if he had stayed and been coached up by Herman and Applewhite, I don’t think we would have had the season we did with O’Korn. Our OL was not well enough often enough to give him the protection he would have needed. Were it not for Ward’s elusiveness and speed, we would not have been in the Peach Bowl, IMHO.

But, I do think O’Korn could have been a very good QB under the current staff; although the locker room issues may have given caused a lot of problems for last year’s team. I say “may have” because a couple of the guys causing the rift had moved on at the end of the previous year. Still, it was GW’s team and removing him may have set off a new round of issues. All things considered, I think JOK did what was best for all concerned. We have a legitimate Heisman candidate and some strong back up in Postma.

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