Jon Rothstein Houston Redemption T-shirt

Jon has been a real one for a while now! And this is a dope shirt. Ill be buying one for sure

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eff jon, he mocks people for not making 5 player all -american teams (10+ teams)… but his preseason all-american team was all centers… i asked why didnt he put in a guard like Sasser if he wants true teams and he blocked me lol


What redemption? From PSJ?

Its a reference to his tweets. For like 4 or 5 years now every time Houston wins or does something awesome he tweets out Kelvin Sampson. The Houston Redemption. He was kind to us when the rest of the national media was less than so.


Bought it when he first announced it few years back.

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I’ve never heard anything negative from him about us. But I’m not on twatter.

I’ve never bought it because it doesn’t have the “Kelvin Sampson” part of the saying on it so makes no sense to me. Guessing he couldn’t get permission as I see some of his shirts have the coach’s name and some don’t.

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