Jordan Mccloud to UH?

Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, but McCloud is in the transfer portal but he is playing today in JMU’s bowl game. If you check his Twitter likes, he’s been liking a lot of UH stuff recently, y’all think he will commit to UH after this game?


it’s a high probability that he will

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Changes teams like some dudes change pants.

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I’m not wearing any pants right now.


Then to the portal with you!


MASSIVE if true.



He’s liking Tulane stuff as well

A few mentions here.

Feels like Fritz can work w D Smith.
UH OL coach saw him 4 a season & Smith is here until spring now.

Staff can work on a 4 Star type 4 next early signing day.
Add McCloud & a frosh for 24 ?

Dana recruit but JT Kitna didn’t sign anywhere.
Hurt in early Oct & still honorable mention Ohio Division 1.

Pitt. WVU fancast on Rivals.

QB Kellen Tasby signed w Tulane last night.

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McCloud is following Fritz, Barbay, Shawn Bell, and Casey Smithson. Hmm . . . I have heard from someone who would know that he is going to be a Coog. We shall see.


He’s the perfect QB for next year with the schedule UH has… Also bring in a young QB if possible also since McCloud only has one more year of eligibility.


That’s nice, but at this point if we get McCloud or some other decent QB, we will have Smith and McMickel I expect more portals coming.
It will be interesting to see what Smith does because he is a veteran and despite all the criticism he is a good kid, coachable and still has a lot of upside.
But none of us know what coach Fritz has told any of our returning quarterbacks or who he is actually wanting to bring in.


Is this Merkel fella you referred to any kin to Steve Urkel?


Haha…if he ever plays here I promise to learn his name and how to spell it lol. But I did change it…thanks for pointing it out

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" Did I do that " – Steve Urkel

McCloud would be a major get. Those numbers are impressive.



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On his interview on XM, WF said he’s excited to work with Donovan and he and the coordinators has had conversations with DS. For what it’s worth I think it’s his job to loose moving forward. Just my 2 cents.


Agree. Don’t underestimate Naghavi’s influence.