JUCO O-Lineman

Looks like Major is making good on his word to add an O-lineman.


Is this for 2017 or 2018?

He’s c/o 2017 the article states he can sign with a team in the spring and be eligible to play right away

Thanks. Other than Vandy for academic purposes, we are the cream of the crop in that list of offers. Hope he comes here. If he does, he would likely play right away.

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Nice; big guy that’s ready to go immediately. We need the depth.

Lost him to Vandy

Wonder if this would be an option:


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The article says he retired from football following graduation in December. Injuries?

Doesn’t look like it. Everything I’ve read says that he may grad transfer at the end of May.

He certainly looks the right size to help us out up front.

So who else are we looking at as far as Jucos? I know we got the line coming back from last year and hopefully will be better but another big body up front wouldn’t hurt.

Here’s a link to who we’ve offered that hasn’t committed in regards to JUCO, at least as best as can be determined. No idea when these guys were offered or what their status is at this point.


1st guy on that list, Jeremy Faulk recently declared for the NFL draft after being thrown off Baylor’s team last season for being wrongfully accused of sexual assault.

2nd guy, Tyrell Thompson, was a UH commit back in 2013.



Big dude

Still looking for that OL, but why is a guy that big not already signed somewhere?