Just a thought about Mills and the Tulsa Game

Do you think that the team knew that the Tulsa game was his last and that is why they didn’t play very well? Or do you think they sensed it? Refresh my memory…who foulded the Tulsa player to give him two free throws with .1 seconds left? Was it Mills? My daughter says it was Mills but I don’t remember. If so, perhaps he got an earful after the game and decided to quit.

I think Gresham fouled.

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You are correct.

I’m just speculating but maybe he popped off a remark after hitting the game winner and Sampson lost his temper. Surely he’s heard it all by now from coach. I don’t know.

No. The team was tired. Period, end of story.

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I agree with you, especially if you listen to CKS in yesterday’s press conference. He said that people still not being healthy and only having 2 days in between was really hard!

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