Just bought my Final Four tix

Spent $1,367 ($304 in fees) but not bad for a couple seats that are roughly center.


600 level?


I just can’t pay that. I wish i could but it’s just too much for me for so far away. I might buy one ticket for the final if we make it.

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That gets your to all 3 games?

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A group of us bought the Fan Experience package for the Final Four, all sessions, some party/food/drink included for roughly $890 per ticket in the 300’s. It is out the back of the end zone so we will see how well that works.

Oh UH will… Theyre freaking gooddd!!!

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2 on Saturday and one on Monday, one ticket.

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I’m tempted but only want to go if we’re there

We got two Final Four tickets. We are towards the corner of the court row 12. $6K for two tickets. I sure hope UH makes it to the final 4. If not, hopefully I can sell them for a profit since they are the 12th row. Also comes with a hospitality package and all kinds of other stuff. It is a dream to see the final 4 and it was paid for with inheritance money.

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Looking forward to Dana taking us to the final four gonna be huge

We will all be dead by the time that happens lol

I went in 2021 in Indianapolis. It was fun to be there, but the game atmosphere wasn’t very good. You’re so far away from the court, that visibility isn’t very good. I honestly had way more fun at the S16 than the F4, and not just because of the game. I think I’d be way more interested if the FF was at Toyota Center where the visibility and sight lines were more setup for a basketball game.

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TC is too small for the FF!!! May as well have it at FC.

I’m holding out until day of or day before… Or MAYBE my cougar pride points will get me one… Maybe…


I’m looking on Ticketmaster right now and you can get one for $315 in 637. I’m hoping you bought about 4 or 5 tickets at that price.

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As soon as UT and Baylor are out prices will drop…

Right now a lot of people within driving range of Houston have hope…

Nope just two and like I said, $304 of that was fees, so it was really a touch over $1,000.

Wow. Those tickets are crazy high. I guess this means I’ll be watching from my couch with a couple of 40’s.