Just for some perspective

OSU and BYU have 11 wins and 3 losses at home. 2 losses to us and one to top 25 Villanova.


WE WANT 'NOVA!!!:smiley:


They actually just decent this year not great as in last 3 years. They lost a ton from last year.

First time since 69 -70 season that we are 8-0, think about that.


Hopefully we broke the curse with that win. The only time we have gone 7-0 since 1970 is in 97-98 when we lost the next 9. Alvin Brooks was probably more happy about this win than anyone else on the team.


true but phi slamma jamma teams played really tough ooc early season games and dropped 1 or 2…then would run through the rest with ease …think they never had more than 5 loses in a season…only 3 counting the finals loss in 83. This team is good and entertaining but not scary good like the old days.

For some reason, I thought that was Drexler’s coaching years. I do remember us winning 7 then dropping last 9. That was crazy.

The tv announcer last night said OSU had lost only 8 non conference home games in the last almost 3 decades !


That was under Brooks I believe

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I remember 97-98. That was when I started paying attention to UH basketball. Carl Dukes doing the broadcasts solo, playing in Alaska. I miss the Great Alaska Shootout and the Top of the World Classic.

Fun fact: Galen Robinson was the leading scorer on that team.


Not yet. I don’t think this team will be as good as it will get this year until February. Then we should see some stuff!

Look at the teams we beat to go 7-0.

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It is amazing how much SOS can jump early in the season. We are 225 according to NET. Not great but way better than 300+

We destroyed Alaska-Fairbanks…was Damon Jones on that team? Memory fade some from that time.

Was referring to Brooks 7-0 start back in the '90’s…

Where are you reading that?


From what I’m seeing our opponents average NET is ranked 289th.

So I looked it up. It was ‘99 when we played Alaska-Fairbanks. Won 81-59.
Damon Jones’ last year was '96-'97.

Whatever happened to Chaminade?